fall down seven times, stand up eight.

Casey, 18, Canada

Anonymous said: What's the cutest pic you have of the two of you?

probably our promposal, i have others but it wont let me post more than one so

this is the promposal:)

posted 3 hours ago

Anonymous said: I really wish I was you

why’s that?

posted 3 hours ago

Anonymous said: Oh my god Shelby looks like she has the perfect body for naked cuddling! You both are soo beautiful, and you are the cutest couple!!!

she really does have the perfect body for naked cuddling, but also just the perfect body in general for me:) thanks so much!

posted 3 hours ago

Anonymous said: Boobs or butts?

uhm, i’m a pretty big fan of both. boobs bc of Shelby. but i very much like her butt too.

posted 3 hours ago

Anonymous said: Seen any really good movies lately?

Unfortunately, no I don’t think so. :( last movie I saw was 22 jump street and that was pretty good though

posted 6 hours ago


流浮山 Lau Fau Shan | Photographer




i literally need to follow more humor blogs because my dash is hella dead what are you guys’ favorites (pls dont ignore this)

kat and megan are literally hilarious and their online basically all day so your dash wont be dead, i hope this helps! :)

i just followed both of their perfect blogs thank you so much! and to my followers who were looking for good humor blogs here you go

you could follow shelby too, she has lots of funny stuff! :)

posted 16 hours ago