fall down seven times, stand up eight

Casey, 18, Canada


I need to follow all you lesbians, REBLOG AND LIKE.

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Okay, so i realize this is probably really annoying to like, probably all of you. but I really need to raise money for university. My parents have had me grounded for a month now, and they plan to keep me grounded all summer. which makes it hard to spend time with my girlfriend, Shelby. Shelby is also trying to make money so she can come to Ottawa with me, so we can still see each other and not have a long distance relationship. I’m not ungrounded until i prove to my parents that I am making the same amount of money as i would if I had a minimum wage job. I’m suffering with anxiety and depression, and my parent’s aren’t taking it seriously at all. They think locking me up in my bedroom all day will motivate me to get a job. I’ve handed out probably too many resumes now, and not one person has called back, simply because I am leaving on August 30th. So if you guys would PLEASE click on my sda (read backwards) it would mean the world to me. you don’t need to stay on them or anything. and you don’t need to click on them more than once. It would just mean the world to me. thank you so much if you do!

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I bet you’d sound adorable moaning my name

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13 more followers until my next hundred. I will promo everyone who reblogs this until I reach it.

and the new followers of course:)

6 more, guys.x plsplspls

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